Best Selenium Training Centers in Marathahalli

RIA Institute offers students an innovative way to learn Selenium from Best Selenium Training centers in Marathahalli. Learn selenium from experienced Professional Trainers and advanced lab Facilities to practice Selenium, students can complete Selenium Training in a real-time scenario. Our institute is the Best Selenium Training centers in Marathahalli is rated as one of the Top Selenium Training near Marathahalli on Google.

RIA Institute is the best among Selenium Training Centers in Marathahalli and our training methodology used for conducting Top Selenium Training near Marathahalli includes ease of understanding Selenium Concepts, the latest examples on Selenium and real-time practical exposure. We ensures that students opting for Selenium Training get value for money. Our Selenium Course Content is structured to cover all concepts under Selenium Training.

Selenium is a portable framework for testing web applications. Selenium provides a playback (formerly also recording) tool for authoring functional tests without the need to learn a test scripting language. Selenium IDE is a Chrome and Firefox add-on that will do simple record-and-playback of interactions with the browser. Selenium WebDriver is the successor of Selenium Remote Control which has been officially deprecated.

If you are interested to learn Selenium from Best Selenium Training centers in Marathahalli, RIA Institute is the Right place. You can Register or Contact us to get updated about the new batch.

Advantages of Studying Selenium with Us

1. Hands on experience
2. Project support on Selenium
3. Real time exposure on latest Selenium modules
4. Selenium Training methodologies
5. Lab facilities and guidance

1. 8+ Years of experience on Selenium Projects
2. Has worked on multiple real-time Selenium scenarios
3. Worked as Top Selenium Consultant in MNC’s across the globe
4. Trained over 100 students over the years
5. Certified Selenium industry professional
6. Strong Knowledge of Selenium Theory and Practical’s

Coaching facilities provieded by Top Selenium Training near Marathahalli are best suited for Freshers as well as experienced professionals who are actively looking for upgrading skills in Selenium. From Selenium training consultation to Selenium course completion we offer complete support to students. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that Selenium Training is being conducted in a structured manner and the students are able to understand all the Selenium Training concepts.

We offer flexible batch timings for Selenium Training in Bangalore. Students can choose to join our weekday batches for Selenium course and IT professionals looking for Selenium Training to advance in their career can join our Weekend classes based on their convenience. We also offer Fast Track Training for students who want to complete Selenium course in detail in a short span.

Our Selenium Course content is structured to cover all the modules within Selenium. From basic to advance, we give Selenium training in a manner that is easy to understand.

Below is the detailed course content for Selenium Training

Selenium Basics

  • What is automation testing?
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Selenium Variants
  • Supported Platforms (Browsers, Programming Languages, Operating Systems)
  • How Selenium Works?
  • Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Selenium IDE

  • Introduction
  • Setting up Selenium IDE
  • IDE in detail – Features and Components
  • Test Suites
  • Record and Playback in IDE
  • Editing Scripts in Selenium IDE
  • Running a Test Script
  • Selenium Commands
  • Adding Verification Points
  • Script Examples
  • Advanced IDE – Java Script, UI Elements, and User-Extensions

Common Selenium Commands in Detail

  • Open and Click Commands
  • Verification Commands
  • Locator Elements
  • Wait Commands
  • Storing Variables and Store Commands
  • Examples

Selenium Remote Control (RC)

  • Description and How Selenium RC works
  • Selenium RC Installation
  • Selenium RC Server
  • Choosing RC Programming Language
  • Exporting IDE test to RC script
  • RC Architecture
  • Writing a Test Script in RC

Java Concepts for Selenium

  • Overview of Object Oriented Concepts
  • Classes, Objects, and methods
  • Constructors
  • Data Types, Access Modifiers
  • Interfaces, Inheritance, Static Methods
  • Looping and Conditions
  • Exception Handling
  • Collection Library – List, Hash Map, Hash Table
  • Reading Excel/CSV files in core java
  • Database Validation

Frameworks with Selenium – Junit, TestNG

  • Supported Automation Frameworks
  • Setting up Eclipse
  • JUnit Vs TestNG
  • Executing Selenium Scripts using JUnit and Test NG
  • Sequential and Parallel Execution
  • Storing Results

Selenium 2.0 (Web Driver)

  • Why Webdriver?
  • How Webdriver works?
  • Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver
  • Setting up webdriver
  • Creating scripts using Webdriver
  • Playing with UI objects using Webdriver
  • Cross browser testing using Webdriver
  • Advanced WebDriver – Multiple browsers, Browser profiles, Screenshots etc.
  • Using Page Objects in WebDriver

Page Objects Advanced

  • Exception Handling in Selenium
  • Using Property files in Selenium
  • Establish Database connections and execute SQL queries
  • Data Driven testing using Selenium

Setting up Selenium Grid as collection of RC servers


Automation Frameworks

  • Modular Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework

Best Selenium Training institute in Bangalore

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  • Over a Decade of experience in Training industry
  • Experienced and Certified trainers
  • Practical and Theory training
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