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Best Oracle DBA Training Institute in Bangalore

Oracle DBA Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore by RIA institute offers students an innovative way to learn Oracle DBA in Bangalore. With experienced Oracle DBA professional trainers and advanced lab Facilities to practice Oracle DBA, students can complete Oracle DBA training on real time scenario. Our Oracle DBA Training institute in Bangalore is rated as one of the Best Oracle DBA Learning Centre on Google.

Training methodology used for conducting Oracle DBA course includes ease of understanding Oracle DBA concepts, latest examples in Oracle DBA classes and real time practical exposure. This ensures that students opting for Oracle DBA training in Marathahalli, Bangalore get value for money. Our Oracle DBA course content is structured to cover all concepts under Oracle DBA Training.

Advantages of Studying Oracle DBA with Us

  • Oracle DBA Hands on experience
  • Project support on Oracle DBA
  • Real time exposure on latest Oracle DBA modules
  • Advanced Oracle DBA Training methodologies
  • Lab facilities and guidance

Oracle DBA Trainers at RIA Institute

  • 8+ Years of experience on Oracle DBA Projects
  • Has worked on multiple real-time Oracle DBA scenarios
  • Worked as Top Oracle DBA Consultant in MNC’s across the globe
  • Trained over 100 students over the years
  • Certified Oracle DBA industry professional
  • Strong Knowledge of Oracle DBA Theory and Practical’s

Oracle DBA Training Facilities

Coaching facilities for Oracle DBA Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore are best suited for Fresher’s as well as experienced professionals who are actively looking for upgrading skills in Oracle DBA. From Oracle DBA training consultation to Oracle DBA course completion we offer complete support to students. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that Oracle DBA Training is being conducted in a structured manner and the students are able to understand all the Oracle DBA Training concepts.

Oracle DBA Training Batch Timings

We offer flexible batch timings for Oracle DBA Training in Bangalore. Students can choose to join our weekday batches for Oracle DBA course and IT professionals looking for Oracle DBA Training to advance in their career can join our Weekend classes based on their convenience. We also offer Fast Track Training for students who want to complete Oracle DBA course in detail in a short span.

Oracle DBA Course Content Course Content

Our Oracle DBA Course content is structured to cover all the modules within Oracle DBA. From basic to advance, we give Oracle DBA training in Bangalore in a manner that is easy to understand.

Below is the detailed course content for Oracle DBA Training

Oracle Features

  • Why Oracle?
  • Necessity to Upgrade to new versions
  • Overview of Grid Architecture
  • System Requirements
  • Installing Oracle 11g on Linux
  • Installing Software with Universal Installer

Oracle Architecture:

  • Overview of Database
  • Database logical Structures
  • Database Physical Structures

Oracle Memory Structures and Instances:

  • System Global Area (SGA)
  • Overview of SGA
  • Discussions on all SGA Components
  • Discussion on Program Global Area (PGA)
  • Discussion on Oracle Background Process
  • Configuring Parameter file and discussion on various init.ora parameters

Database Creation:

  • Database creation Planning
  • Prerequisites for Database Creation
  • Creating Database Manually
  • Advantages of using DBCA
  • How to drop a Database

Instance and Database Startups and Shutdowns:

  • How to Start/Stop an Instance
  • How to Start/Stop the Database
  • Mounting a Database
  • Opening a Database
  • Closing a Database
  • Shutting down an instance

Tablespace Management:

  • Overview of Tablespaces
  • Different Types of Tablespaces
  • Adding Datafiles to existing Tablespace
  • Renaming and Resizing Datafiles
  • Creating and Managing Temporary Tablespace and Temporary Tablespace groups
  • Sizing the Tablespaces and creating different Tablespaces

Storage Parameters:

  • What are Segments?
  • What are Extents?
  • What is Block?
  • Oracle Blocks
  • Dictionary Managed Tablespace
  • Locally Managed Tablespace
  • Storage Parameters (Initial, Next, Min Extents, Max Extents, PCT Increase)

Undo Management:

  • Creating UNDO tablespace
  • Monitor and Administer UNDO
  • Configuring UNDO retention
  • Configuring UNDO retention with guarantee
  • Dropping UNDO tablespace
  • How to change the default UNDO tablespace
  • Discussion on Snapshot too old error

User Management:

  • Creation of Users
  • Assigning Privileges
  • Creating and Granting Roles
  • Allocating Tablespace Quotas to Users
  • Assigning default Tablespace for Users
  • Setting Profiles to Users
  • Levels of Authentication
  • Schema Management

Configuring Database in Archivelog and Noarchivelog mode

Redolog and Controlfile Management

Server Parameter (SP) File and Oracle Managed Files

Oracle Networking with Oracle 11g

Configuring Oracle Listener and TNSNAMES.ora Files

Database Backups:

  • Logical Backup (Exp and Imp)
  • Datapump(Expdp and Impdp)
  • Cold Backup (Consistent/Offline Backup)
  • Hot Backup (Inconsistent/Online Backup)

Database Restore and Recovery:

  • Complete Recovery
  • Incomplete Recovery
  • Recover from loss of a Control File
  • Recover from loss of a Redolog file
  • Recover from loss of a Datafile

Recovery Manager (RMAN):

  • Configuring RMAN
  • Performing Database backups (Full, Incremental, Cumulative) using RMAN
  • Database Recovery using RMAN
  • Backup and Recovery Database using Catalog and No Catalog

Oracle Flashback Database

  • What is Flashback Technology?
  • Configuring Database in Flashback mode
  • Monitoring Flashback Database
  • Best Practice for Databases and Flashback Recovery Area
  • Flashback databases examples

Database Cloning and Upgradation

Oracle 11g Dataguard Configuration

  • Configuring Oracle Dataguard
  • Configuring Physical, Logical, Snapshot Standby Databases
  • Data protection modes
  • Switchover and Failover Cases
  • Understanding snapshot Standby & Active Dataguard

Automatic Storage Management:

ASM Concepts:

  • Understanding Oracle grid Infrastructure and installing Oracle grid Infrastructure
  • ASM general Architecture
  • Creating ASM based Databases
  • Creating Tablespace that use ASM storage
  • Creating and administrating ASM Diskgroups
  • Enhancements of ASMCMD
  • Managing grid with srvctl and crsctl

Performance Tuning

  • Database Tuning
  • AWR/ADDM/ASH Report generation and Analysis
  • Managing Optimizer Statistics
  • Gathering Optimizer Statistics
  • Explain plan/TKprof
  • Sql Tuning

Brief Introduction on Oracle RAC

  • RAC Architecture
  • Linux Pre-Installation Steps
  • Installation of Oracle Clusterware for RAC
  • Installation of 2 Node RAC with ASM
  • Adding Nodes to RAC
  • Server and Database Control Utility

Best Oracle DBA Training institute in Bangalore

  • Trained over 2000 students
  • Over a Decade of experience in Training industry
  • Experienced and Certified trainers
  • Practical and Theory training
  • Flexible Batch timings

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